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A font family that extends URW Nimbus Roman

TeX Gyre Termes is based on the URW Nimbus Roman No9 L family (designed by Stanley Morison together with Starling Burgess and Victor Lardent). Termes serves as a replacement for the standard Times Roman font.

The standard faces have been greatly extended, and contain nearly 1100 glyphs each. The family is available both in Adobe Type 1 and in OpenType formats, and LaTeX support (for use with a variety of encodings) is provided. Vietnamese characters were added by Han The Thanh.

TeX Gyre Termes is distributed as part of the TeX Gyre collection

See also urw-base35 tex-gyre-math-termes.

The authors are Bogusław Jackowski and Janusz Marian Nowacki.

License: gfsl Version: 2.004 Catalogued: 2015-08-03