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Intelligent page references

The package introduces commands \vref and \vpageref. The \vref command refers to labels in the same way as does \ref, but if the thing referred to is on a different page, the result will be decorated with “on the facing page” or “on page <n>”, and so on, as appropriate. The \vpageref command similarly decorates a page number; there are also commands \vrefrange and \vpagerefrange for ranges of labels.

The package is language-sensitive, and has definitions for its ‘decorative’ words in several languages.

The package is part of the latex-tools bundle in the LaTeX required distribution.

The author is Frank Mittelbach. The package is Copyright © 1992-2011 Frank Mittelbach,.

License: lppl Version: 1.5c, dated: 2016-02-16 Catalogued: 2016-05-07