FlightGear CD-ROMs

For those with slow or expensive net connections or for those that like spiffy CD's with cool stuff on them you can purchase a CD/DVD distribution of the latest FlightGear and the FlightGear world scenery.


  • Mar 9, 2008: New World Scenery Build (v1.0.0) Includes Jon Stockhill's object database derived from the FAA obstacle database plus an increasing number of custom landmarks. Built from SRTM2 terrain data. Includes the latest runway/taxiway data from Robin Peel's X-Plane/FlightGear apt/navaid database.

  • December 18, 2007: NEW RELEASE! The v1.0 CD is now available. The CD currently includes only the Windows version. The Mac OS version should be avaible for free download soon.

  • If you are interested in both the program CD and the World Scenery set, you can order them as a single package and save $5.


FlightGear CDROM for Win32 v1.0.0: $14.99 (NEW!)

Includes everything you need to run FlightGear. Features a standard windows install shield and an easy scenery installer. Includes all available aircraft, documentation, and source code for the entire project. More details...

3-DVD FlightGear World Scenery Set: $39.99

World Scenery set for FlightGear v1.0.0. Updated March, 2008. This is a set of 3-DVD's (about 13Gb of data) that includes the entire world scenery database for FlightGear. Scenery is based on SRTM terrain, vmap0 roads, rivers, railroads, lakes, cities, land cover, etc. More details...

FlightGear CDROM for Windows v1.0.0
plus 3-DVD World Scenery Set: $49.99 (save $5.00)

Includes both the FlightGear program CD for Windows and the 3-DVD World Scenery set in one combination package for a discounted price.

Where does the money go?

The proceeds from these sales go towards two primary goals:


  • Credit card sales are handled through a 3rd party. (paypal.com) so I never receive any of your specific credit card information, only a notification of your order with your shipping information.
  • Alternate payment methods (i.e. mailing a check) can be arranged if you prefer not to pay by credit card.
  • I usually ship orders within 1-2 business days of receiving them.
  • I make no guarantees as to the usefulness, accuracy, correctness, or robustness of the Flight Gear program or the associated data. The only guarantee I will make is that the contents of the CD's and DVD's will be an accurate and complete copy of what you could freely download from the FlightGear web site. In this sense, you can always try before you buy. The contents of the CD's should never hold any surprises.
  • If for some reason a CD arrives damaged or is not readable, it is my pleasure to send you a replacement at no charge. However, if there continues to be problems, I reserve the right to refund your money in full instead of sending you additional replacement CD's.
  • If you have any further questions, please email me at


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Curtis L. Olson