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Slasher Swamp

Game Manual

*** Story ***

While driving to Miami for Spring Break, 
your truck breaks down on an abandoned highway.

If you want to survive past midnight, 
you'll have to use your cunning and 
solve the mysteries of Slasher Swamp.

*** How to Play ***

Slasher Swamp is an interective fiction horror story.

The game uses a simplified interactice-fiction interface. 
Almost everything is accomplished through "searching."
Sometimes, you might need to have a special item
in your inventory when searching for the story to progress.

Items will not work if they are inside a container.
For example, you can't use a key if it is in a bag.

You will find clues by "looking" at everything.
You can look at almost any noun that the game mentions.
You can look at every item you can pick up.

You will die a lot. Enjoy the deaths, and learn from them.
Don't be scared to die! You can save the game at any time
with the SAVE command, and load any game with RESTORE.

*** The Swamp ***

Slasher Swamp is entirely 2-dimensional. 
You will never travel UP or DOWN, and 
you will never travel NE, SE, NW, or NE.

You have miles of swampland to explore.

*** Commands ***

SEARCH <an object, room, place>
GET <an object>
LOOK <at an object>
I (to check out your inventory)
LIGHT (if you have it)
N, S, E, W (to go North, South, East, West)

There might be other commands, 
but you won't need them to beat the game.


by Robot

Photography by Skip Shannon
Art Design by Robot and Skip Shannon

Skip Shannon
Eli Meaux
Sami Richardson
Kevin Dwyer

Beta 1.0 Release