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The greektonoi mapping extends the betababel package or the babel 
polutonikogreek option to provide a simple way to insert 
ancient Greek texts with diacritical characters into your document 
using a similar method to the commonly used Beta Code transliteration 
but with much more freedom. It is designed especially for 
\XeTeX engine and it could also be used for fast and easy 
modification of monotonic greek texts to polytonic. 
The output text is natively unicode so it can be reused 
to any possible way. greektonoi.sty package provides, 
in addition  to inserting greek accents and breathings,  
many other symbols used in greek numbers and arithmetic 
or in the greek archaic period. 
It could be used with greektonoi mapping or indepedently.

More information will be available on

License is GPL3