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Using array structures in LaTeX: The package 'forarray'

Version 1.01 (2008/06/20)

The package 'forarray' provides functionality for processing lists and 
array structures in LaTeX. Arrays can contain characters as well as TeX 
and LaTeX commands, nesting of arrays is possible, and arrays are 
processed within the same brace level as their surrounding environment. 
Array levels can be delimited by characters or control sequences 
defined by the user. Practical uses of this package include data 
management, construction of lists and tables, and calculations based on 
the contents of lists and arrays.

The package 'forarray' is (c) 2008 by Christian Schröppel, and 
distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), 
version 1.3c.

The package 'forarray' consists of the master file 'forarray.dtm', the 
file 'README.txt', and the derived files 'forarray.dtx', 
'forarray.sty', 'forarray.pdf', 'forarray-test.tex', and 

In order to use the package, you need to save the file 'forarray.sty' 
to a directory where your LaTeX installation will find it. This will 
often be <your local texmf directory>/tex/latex/forarray. Please 
consult the manuals for your LaTeX system for further information. In 
many cases, it will be possible to use a package manager provided with 
your LaTeX system to install the package.

The file 'forarray.pdf' contains the documentation for the package 

The file 'README.txt' contains some basic information about the package.

The file 'forarray-test.tex' can be used to obtain a test page for the 
package. You can run this file with your LaTeX installation and compare 
the result with the file 'forarray-test.pdf' to check if everything 
works well.

DTM File:
You can obtain the files 'forarray.dtx', 'forarray.sty', 
'forarray.pdf', 'forarray-test.tex', and 'forarray-test.pdf', as well 
as 'README.txt' by placing the files 'forarray.dtm', 'forarray.dts' and 
the Bourne shell script 'forarray' in a single directory and typing in 
forarray at the command prompt (after cd <your empty directory>). The 
installation script 'forarray' and the documentation style file 
'forarray.dts' are not part of the package 'forarray'. Please note, 
however, that the provisions in the section "No warranty" of the LaTeX 
Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3c, exempting the author and 
other parties from liability with regard to the work, apply to the 
contents of the package as well as to these files.