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Access to 150 paragraphs of ``Lorem ipsum'' dummy text.

Patrick Happel (

Currently maintained by Phelype Oleinik


1. Contents of the package

   README.txt (this file)

2. Installation

 - Run lipsum.ins through latex

 - Move the resulting .sty file and the resulting .ltd.tex files
   to a place where latex finds it.
   On a TDS compliant system this should be (substitute $TEXMF
   with your local or home texmf directory):


 - If you want to produce your own documentation file (maybe
   dvi instead of pdf) run lipsum.dtx through latex.

 - Move the documentation (lipsum.pdf, if you haven't produced
   your own file in a different format) in a TDS compliant
   system to:


 - If you like to, move the source files (.dtx and .ins) in a
   source directory of your system.

 - Update your filename database. How to achieve this depends
   on your system. For teTeX and texlive, `texhash' will work.

 - If you are using a non TDS compliant system take a look in
   the documentation how to install new packages.

3. License
This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License 1.3. See

for the details of that license.

Enjoy lipsum.

= ENDE =