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%%%%%%%%% MedStar Beamer Template %%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%% Written By: Anagha Kumar %%%%%
%%%%%%%% License: lppl1.3  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%% Version: 2015-11-12 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

% I wrote a beamer template for MedStar Health presentations. %% 
%% An example of how the slides would look is provided in example.tex %%%%%%%% 

%%% I generated a separate style file (MedStarColors) %%% The user should download it as well as the .cls file
%%%% % This is a helpful website:
% More information on colors available here:

%%% The beamer themes info lines and mini frames were useful resources to work off of though others can also be used %%% 
%%% The two files (MedStarColors) and medstarbeamer.cls contain helpful comments to guide the user %%%