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MathType 7 for Windows 

English, German, and French editions.

MathType is a point and click mathematical equation editor. While its mouse-centric user interface is somewhat the opposite of TeX's, it has a number of features that may be of interest to members of the TeX community:

- It works with many Windows applications that TeX does not work directly with, such as word processors, presentation programs like PowerPoint, and many more. You can even place equations in flowcharts made with programs like Visio.

- It can produce TeX and LaTeX code from its equations. This can be helpful to someone learning TeX or just to take advantage of MathType's ability to work directly in math notation in order to get the nested braces right on a particularly gnarly equation.

- You can even type TeX language directly into the MathType window. This allows you to get the best of both the WYSIWYG editing and TeX worlds.

- MathType can also produce GIF files for websites and blogs and EPS files for desktop publishing chores.

MathType does not require a product key for installation. Upon first launch, you will have an opportunity to begin a 30-day trial or to enter a purchased product key. If you de­cide to pur­chase MathType, you can use the Order MathType com­mand within MathType it­self to pur­chase a prod­uct key. You can also visit the Wiris web­site to learn more about MathType.If you have questions, email them to