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Models-Airspace.tar.gz2006-Jan-25 11:28:324.4Mapplication/x-gtar-compressed
Scenery-Airspace.tar.gz2006-Jan-25 11:28:57336.2Kapplication/x-gtar-compressed
Brief installation instructions:

1. Download both Models-Airspace.tar.gz and Scenery-Airspace.tar.gz

2. Extract Models-Airspace.tar.gz into your FlightGear/data directory
   so that an Airspace directory is created inside the
   FlightGear/data/Models directory.

3. Extract the Scenery-Airspace.tar.gz file any place you like,
   perhaps 'next' to the top level data directory, not necessarily
   inside it.

4. Notice the directory that is created in step #3 ... it will be

   Add this directory to your scenery path.  This could involve an
   entry in your ~/.fgfsrc file that looks something like:


   *NOTE*: think about what you are doing here.  You are telling
    FlightGear where to search for it's scenery so be careful to
    specify all the valid paths you want to search.

   *NOTE for WINDOWS users*: replace the word 'directory' above with
    the word 'folder' :-)  If you use the fgrun launch wizard, you can
    update your scenery path by clicking back several times to get to
    the 'slightly' hidden path setting page.

   If you haven't done anything like this before, just engage the
   smart part of your brain, work slowly, read the instructions
   carefully, double check that you've done each step correctly before
   moving to the next.  It's not hard, it's not very many steps, but
   there are plenty of places to mess up if you are careless or don't
   understand what you are doing or don't match up the path names
   correctly with where you extracted the scenery.